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So simple enough... Set 10 aims for the summer...

1. Pause.

This year has been manic. My life is a bit of a whirlwind at the moment + I need to be still, take stock + just breath in some fresh air.  

2. Sleep well.

I am a machine during term time, I am conditioned to wake up at 5.30am every morning (I don't need an alarm clock). I am usually  in bed by 10pm as I need my sleep. But I am truly shattered from my most intense year yet. I want to be lazy + stay in my PJs until midday.  

3. Eat well.

My diet has gone to pot. I function on caffeine + sugar rushes at the moment. I need to be healthier. I want my hair, skin + nails to shine again!

4. Pamper.

I need to be kinder to myself. I cannot wait to go for some massages, to get to the gym, to do some stretching + to have my hands and feet done.  

5. Escape.

My holidays are my light at the end of the tunnel - my flights are booked for Canada to visit my best friend, we are then off to Cuba for an adventure where another friend will join us. I am excited about experiencing the culture, listening to the music, lying on the beach  + going out dancing.

6. Read.

I have always  been a book worm. I have a pile of inspirational reads beside my bed waiting to be consumed. This year I am being a bit of a geek + have a lot of professional reading - I want to be re-inspired for next year.

7. Friends.

My friends have been really supportive this year, both professionally + personally, I need to remind them how much they mean to me. I am looking forward to chilling out, chatting over cocktails or a picnic in the park.

8. Family.

My Mum has not been very well this last year, she is only young + it has been a bit of a scare for us all. Dad was also in a horse-riding accident a few weeks ago. Both are feeling frail + need some TLC. Events like that make you realise that none of us are Peter Pan. I need to go home for a bit + spend some down time of their farm, drinking tea, playing scrabble, going for walks + having barbeques.   

9. Laughter.

I want to  laugh so deeply it makes my sides ache. Spending time with my nephew + niece always puts a smile on my face. The friends I am travelling with are crazy + cheeky. I want to shake off my responsibilities + not have a care in the world for a few weeks at least. 

10. Reflect.

I am planning some big life changes next year, I need to take some time to plot + plan.

So tweeters - what will be your #summer10?



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mike highton mike highton @isright 1 year ago
This was going to be an important year for me too - I even did a bucket list which mainly involved Extreme Physical Challenges, Music Festivals and a Tattoo.

But sadly I didn't even manage to start 2015 without a massive failure - Serious knee injury. That put paid to all my sporting challenges, though I did complete a few music giggs/festivals.

So for the rest of this year and the Summer Holidays - total no weight baringon legs for next 6-8 weeks, crutchesand complete restis the order of the day. Lucky me for getting an extra 11 days school holidays off.

Iintend to use the time to recharge my batteries and to re-focus on my challenges, maybe lucky and get some in before the end of 2015. I have waited 100 days to receive the surgery so it has been a major frustration all round. So much so that I was told the first words out of my mouth in the recovery ward after surgery was "Can I train today now?" - I had the surgical staff in fits of laughter apparently...

To all our other colleagues may I just say enjoy your time off, be free and remember to stay HUMAN and positive. Life is too short to be negative.
Hannah Wilson Hannah Wilson @misswilsey 1 year ago
Have a lovely summer Mike @isright - good luck with post-op recovery and return to training.
mike highton mike highton @isright 1 year ago
DITTO Hannah - and remember to go 'CRAZY' in CUBA .
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