So, this Staffrm thing...

A prenote of sorts, in sins!


(Click here for #digimeet theme music. No twerking.)

I was asked to provide a prenote to our first Staffrm digimeet, and what an excellent time to have it! I was honoured to create the first post back in June 2014, and have watched it grow slowly, be revamped and opened to all in January, go crazy during #28daysofwriting, then relax back down. At heart of Staffrm are seven key principles, which I'm using the analogy of sins to explain. Here goes...


We prefer to be radiators rather than drains here. There's plenty to get angry about in teaching, but we don't fill posts with frustrated bile, more ideas on what we are trying to do in our classrooms to make things even 1% better.


We want to improve. We're greedy about improving and sharing our pedagogy. You are welcome to lurk in Staffrm, but if you're too nervous to make your first post, join in some conversations in the comments instead. We try as writers to reply to comments!


The writing isn't perfect (although Helena and Jill come pretty close). There are sometimes rogue commas and typos, but our thoughts aren't lazy, only our typing skills. In fact, the funniest post (where the author may have imbibed a little) for this has been locked for posterity. After all, which other profession publicly reflects on their passion after a skinful and a kebab?


We love our jobs. This is no alternative venue for Secret Teacher type rants. Sure we get frustrated, have bad days, difficult classes, but at heart we take pride in our classrooms, students, our achievements. If anything comes across as showy-offy, it is almost never intended, unless David Rogers is involved ;-).




We share the events in our teaching (and personal) life as we find it cathartic to share, and also that someone else might get something from it. This is in no way a 'I'm better than you' approach; in fact, lots of the things we share are works in progress. We don't get everything right. We waste time, we make resources which fail, we experiment with lessons that crash spectacularly. 


Okay, I'm stretching the analogy to its limits here, but we really do like to pig out with help, and not just with the Pig of Happiness. Staffrm members don't promote themselves, but instead try to contribute to other people's ideas via comments, recommendations or retweets.

Join in, with whatever level of participation you feel most comfortable with - Staffrm is built around our needs and thoughts as teachers. Enjoy the talks of tonight's #digimeet, knowing that they aren't puff pieces by consultants hawking their wares, but by teachers, telling you what's going on in their classrooms every day. 

Oh, and please put your mugs in the dishwasher at the end of break.

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Rachel Jones Rachel Jones @rlj1981 7 months ago
Nice prenote Sir. I too love the positive atmosphere on staff.rm, but really trying hard to avoid an echo chamber, so good to stay on our critical toes.... share good stuff, and challenge, think.... always good to read your thoughts. Thank you
Ben Ward Ben Ward @mrbenward 7 months ago
Nice start! And we'll put :)
Ben Ward Ben Ward @mrbenward 7 months ago
Well* pesky autocorrect
Lesley Munro Lesley Munro @lesleymunro 7 months ago
Great start, positivity and keeping it real :-)
Claire Bracher Claire Bracher @missb 7 months ago
We are basically a box of chocolates and you don't know which one you will get - but you'll enjoy the experience and you will come back for more... best bunch of people I ever had the pleasure to meet... thanks Stephen.. bring it on - I can't wait for whats coming this evening - enjoy everyone!!! And never ever stop writing... :) love you all!! xx
Jill Berry Jill Berry @jillberry 7 months ago
Love @staffrm and love this post, @mrlockyer! The thing I like most about @staffrm is that it really isn't about ego. It's about sharing, learning, building connections. Long may it last @pepsmccrea!
Liane Pitcher-Leigh Liane Pitcher-Leigh @lplflippedeng 7 months ago
@mrlockyer Love the entry for Lust! And I also love the positivity of STaffrm. It isn't all fluffy bunnies, but an empowering and uplifting support that well, makes you want to come back :)
Lenny Dutton Lenny Dutton @missedutton 7 months ago
Great start. I'm very new to Staffrm - when you say "his is no alternative venue for Secret Teacher type rants." is there a way to only share with selected people?
R Blaize R Blaize @richardblaize 7 months ago
One of the reasons I'd drawn to staffrm are all the great ideas - sharing is caring.
Jennifer Hart Jennifer Hart @jenniferhart 7 months ago
And we are off! A lovely start to an exciting night. Really looking forward to the bounty on offer tonight.
Jo Debens Jo Debens @jodebens 7 months ago
Nice wake up call @mrlockyer . Looking forward to seeing tonight unfold.
Abigail Mann Abigail Mann @abster 7 months ago
A brilliant start @mrlockyer and I love that the pig gets a mention. He'll be pleased about that. :)
Rebecca Stacey Rebecca Stacey @bekblayton 7 months ago
Great start! Looking forward to a slower pace of chat....
Hannah Tyreman Hannah Tyreman @hannahtyreman 7 months ago
Ooh, I love the sin-filled-ness of this! This #digimeet will be great CPD but will also introduce me to staffrm more as I haven't really been involved- perhaps until now!
Jo Baker Jo Baker @jobaker 7 months ago
This is great, and truly sums up what Staffrm is. I, for one, totally love it. What I love most is that the misery guts tend to stay away and the posts are full of positivity, great ideas to try and wonderful things to contemplate. The mugs are pretty great too.
R Blaize R Blaize @richardblaize 7 months ago
* I'm (stupid fingers!)
Rebecca Stacey Rebecca Stacey @bekblayton 7 months ago
How do we know where to go next...
Kimberley Constable Kimberley Constable @hecticteacher 7 months ago
I haven't been able to get to a RL Teachmeet so very excited by tonight's digimeet.
Rachael Edgar Rachael Edgar @dubaiteachmeet 7 months ago
Nice start off @mrlockyer considering I've a twitter fetish not really twigged onto @staffrm before, tonight should pick u up a few new fans
Rachael Edgar Rachael Edgar @dubaiteachmeet 7 months ago
Nice start off @mrlockyer considering I've a twitter fetish not really twigged onto @staffrm before, tonight should pick u up a few new fans
Jill Turner Jill Turner @sheep2763 7 months ago
I joined for #28daysofwriting and now pop back more to read than to write but PRENOTE is right - a good place to come for ideas - getting or to share
Mark Anderson Mark Anderson @markanderson 7 months ago
Looks like things are shaping up 'nice'ly here!
Toby French Toby French @mrhistoire 7 months ago
Lots of things we share are works in progress: absolutely. Always trying to improve in a supportive atmosphere.
Claire Bracher Claire Bracher @missb 7 months ago
Oh and love the theme tune... :) brilliant!! Tea is ready...
Nina Elliott Nina Elliott @senoraelliott 7 months ago
Still trying to get head around @staffrm but it seems to keep the very best of company and fully agree and sign up to the opening gambit :)
Stacey  Ramm Stacey Ramm @tiffybum 7 months ago
It's nice to be reminded that Teaching can and should be a positive space to occupy in the world! Thank you @mrlockyer
Zebedee Friedman Zebedee Friedman @zebfriedman 7 months ago
trying to keep track of 1 laptop, 2 ipads and a smart phone... greedy...?
Lorie Dickson Lorie Dickson @splozza 7 months ago
Phew! Just made it in time! Nice start... Looking forward to this!
Stephen Lockyer Stephen Lockyer @mrlockyer 7 months ago
Wow! Such a warm response! Thank you all! Amazing - I can't keep up with all these comments!
Sam Williams Sam Williams @samwilliams 7 months ago
Sets the tone really well.
Kip Kippert Kip Kippert @kippert 7 months ago
#digimeet difficult to navigate with my dinner plate balanced in my hand!
[Retired Colleague] [Retired Colleague] [Retired Colleague] 7 months ago
Interesting Stephen, I wonder though how much actual sharing of ideas there are sometimes - is it all just generic rhetoric?
Rory Gallagher Rory Gallagher @rorygallagher 7 months ago
Well done sir. I lust staffrm ;)
Agree with Rachel's first comment that we must remain critical and avoid the echo chamber. Critical friends :)
Robert Howell Robert Howell @theedukator 7 months ago
Very much looking forward to tonight - even more so after that start. Have played 'Bingo Bango' through twice too - if I pick up nothing else from this evening it will have been worth it to get Basment Jaxx back on my playlist!
Flora RH Richards Flora RH Richards @cupacoco 7 months ago
Very well put @mrlockyer - anyone know how I can save a recently chipped Quartz (just now) worktop?!?
Julie Hunter Julie Hunter @mshmfl 7 months ago
Always good to find somewhere where there are lots of radiators!
Julie Hunter Julie Hunter @mshmfl 7 months ago
Always good to find somewhere where there are lots of radiators!
Kevin McLaughlin Kevin McLaughlin @kevinmclaughlin 6 months ago
@mrlockyer It's a good thing I read this post - I nearly started writing a wrath filled post! I'll continue to lurk and get a taste of what staffrm is about before I unleash my poor typing skills on the site.
Lucia Silva-Clark Lucia Silva-Clark @missclarkre 4 months ago
Nice reading, v. relaxing after hectic days - balsamic!
Mary Evans Mary Evans @misse 3 months ago
Great intro to the site - really looking forward to spending some time here