A cheeky request

For all you super Staffrmers out there


Eight months ago one lone teacher published Staffrm's first story. On that day, Staffrm took on a life of its own.

Our role as the founders has matured since, from architects to custodians. These days, we try to listen carefully to the community, and improve the site in response.

For example, Stephen tweeted us with this observation two weeks ago:

We immediately rolled up our sleeves and set about re-designing the site for better discovery. A couple of nights ago, we launched an upgraded navigation bar:

The point here is not to show off, but to give you an insight into how we work, and to illustrate the extent to which Staffrm is still very much a work-in-progress.

'Favours' time!

With this in mind, we'd love your help with a couple of things:

1. Experimentation. The whole #hashtag thing (we don't have a name for it yet) is awesome. It came about from someone just trying something out. So please, go wild. Try stuff out. Better still, write a #creatingstaffrm story and see what others think.

2. Growth. We are a small team of teachers who are building this as a social venture, in our spare time. Any support you can offer in terms of spreading the word is MASSIVELY appreciated*. Staffrm will get better with every new colleague that joins.

We'll continue to work hard to ensure the site keeps serving the community, but where it goes from here is largely down to you. Staffrm is yours. Now go make it great :)

x Peps

*Did you know you can invite people to Staffrm via email? Click here to try it. Go on...


Stephen Lockyer Stephen Lockyer @mrlockyer 1 month ago
That is a 'being John malcovich' level of terror! Cheers Peps!
Sarah Profit Sarah Profit @prof 1 month ago
Pedant's observation...second sentence should read its not it's
I know, I know I should be able to ignore it and move on with my pitiful life.
Keep up the good work :)
Julie Hunter Julie Hunter @mshmfl 1 month ago
Advertised it in this week's staff bulletin
Claire Bracher Claire Bracher @missb 1 month ago
I can honestly say having never ever tried blogging I love staffrm and any support you need- you've got it just ask... And thank you- what you have created and how you are adapting it is making it amazing to use and to be part of- this growing community is one to be watched :) Mmm- there we go- I've just had my next writing idea.... ;-)
David Davies David Davies @mrdaviesleap 1 month ago
Was properly explained the staffrm format at #tmsolihull this week with a lovely video by Mr Lockyer, going to start in the halfterm week. Would love to blog but just don't feel I have the time to do it justice. Looking forward to the 500 character limit and pictures features.
Jill Berry Jill Berry @jillberry 1 month ago
The photo image you use here is truly scary....

As you know, I've mentioned @staffrm a couple of times in the Schools Week blog column, and now routinely talk about it whenever I do any staff training. (It links well with my rant about Twitter!) I had a meeting at the Times Ed a couple of weeks ago and was asked about it, so I will send this link to Ann and Ed and hope that they may help to promote it.

Keep up the good work! Great stuff. And thanks to the man in the scary pic who introduced me to it.

And I'm absolutely with you, Sarah. The world needs more pedants like us!
David Rogers David Rogers @daviderogers 1 month ago
To be honest, I'm about to write a post all about the merits of being transitional and progressive and how everyone should be traditional and how I have the answer.

Then I woke up and remember that staffrm doesn't have egos and is developing into a very friendly space full of inspiration and playfulness.

Let's set up a free school. The grandaddy Stephen can be Head ;-)

Keep up the good work please.

David xxx
Emma Bootle Emma Bootle @emmab 1 month ago
Love reading the inspirational stories and the 'real life, tell it how it is' posts. Staffrm rocks!
Jo Debens Jo Debens @jodebens 1 month ago
It is a great site, really nice to see it developing. One request - could we be able to resize images we add in to posts? Pretty please.
David Davies David Davies @mrdaviesleap 1 month ago
Where do we get the mugs from?
Jennifer Hart Jennifer Hart @jenniferhart 1 month ago
I love the journey you've gone on to create this wonderful space for us all. Thank you!
(Shame about your dreadful choice of image)
Jo Petch Jo Petch @jopetch 1 month ago
Just wrote my first story!