Introducing 'No-Word-Limit-November'

A Staffrm experiment


Our goal at Staffrm is to offer teachers a powerful professional sharing experience. Feedback indicates that we've made a good start, but we know there's still plenty of room for improvement.

One of the things we've been debating since we launched in February is the value of the 500-word limit on stories (Staffrm lingo for 'posts'). We've discussed the pros and the cons of having it with lots of people in the community, but we've never actually experimented with not having it.

We need to try to figure out whether the 500-word limit help or hinders the sharing experience. It's time for an experiment.

For the next month, there will be no word limit on Staffrm.

Test it out. Write something longer. See how it feels. And tell us what you think.


Scott Williams Scott Williams @geographer 4 days ago
Personally I really like the limit. It makes the writer think more about what they are doing, and makes a wider range of stories more accessible for readers. If there were suddenly a whole host of 1000+ word stories, I simply wouldn't have the time to read them
Mike Watson Mike Watson @mikewatsed 4 days ago
I agree with @geographer - it the stories get too long they'll be harder to read.
I like that you have to be concise in 500 words and often need to crop out the unnecessary bits.
Perhaps a 1000 word limit in the 1st instance?
Peps McCrea Peps McCrea @pepsmccrea 4 days ago
Thanks for your comments @geographer & @mikewatsed > we're big fans of the 500-word limit too. We're just at the stage where we need to try a few things out to help us understand and improve the sharing experience even more.
Hannah Wilson Hannah Wilson @misswilsey 4 days ago
I like the limit as posts are short, sharp and concise. However, as an English teacher I hate the fact that StaffRm encourages me to use non-standard English as I would not normally use 'don't' or 'I've' for example when writing. Similarly to my frustration with writing in text speak on Twitter as I would normally use abbreviations like 'cos' or 2 etc
Jill Berry Jill Berry @jillberry 4 days ago
I really like the word limit too - but I'm always up for an experiment. Thanks, Peps.
Jill Berry Jill Berry @jillberry 4 days ago
and interesting re non-standard English, @misswilsey. I wouldn't use words like "I've" in a formal document but I WOULD in a post, which always seems more relaxed and friendlier, to me!
Pete Good Pete Good @goodpete 4 days ago
Love the way you guys are always trying to make the site better. Thank you. Staffrm is the only form of educational blogging I read online. That said, I love the short posts. I havent written many posts and so I'm soeaking more as a consumer than a producer. The main reason I don't read other blogs is because I found them to be too long winded (I'm sure thats not completely true - its just my experience) and so I was so thankful for the day I stumbled across Staffrm and found a form of blogging I could get along with.
Rodney Reid Rodney Reid @thinshadow 4 days ago
I see no harm in removing the word limit for this month. There are pro and cons as mentioned already, I think the most important element at this time is the option. Let see what happens. Thank you Staffrm.
Rob Chambers Rob Chambers @robchambers 4 days ago
Mine still seem to post when I am over the word limit anyway? Unless it is only me that sees my full posts?
Jennifer Hart Jennifer Hart @jenniferhart 4 days ago
What the heck staffrm? I'm too verbose at the best of times....
I love the experiment but I like the limit as it forces me to proof and refine before posting.
Claire Jones Claire Jones @mrsjones 4 days ago
Having only written 2 stories so far, I like the 500 limit as it stops me waffling and keeps me focused! Similar to why I like children at school using the 100 word challenge.
Kamil Trzebiatowski Kamil Trzebiatowski @ktlangspec 4 days ago
I like the limit - I have my own blog where I write a length - having the limit here forces me into concise writing and quick posts. It's easier to get one's thoughts out with the limit!
Mark Boylan Mark Boylan @mgmboylan 4 days ago
I like the limit, I think 1, makes the posts easy to read, and 2 makes you more creative and focused. If you were to extend then I would think somewhere between 750 - 1000 for extended articles.
Andy Knill Andy Knill @andyknill 4 days ago
I will be interested to see how this goes. I like being limited to 500 words, if I want to write longer posts I can use my personal blog.
David Rogers David Rogers @davidrogers 4 days ago
There was a word limit? ;-)
Jonny McLoughlin Jonny McLoughlin @mrmc 3 days ago
@davidrogers a word limit yes, a post limit no!
I like 500 word limit personally as it is like blogging for beginners. I have the attention span of a nat (still working my way through #teacher5adayread @nataliescott ) I like the concise posts and stories. On another positive I do like the new trending section as it allows me to quickly read numbers similar posts.