Welcome to Staffrm

Show and tell for teachers

Staffrm is a space for teachers to share what works (and what doesn't) in their classrooms. The delicious detail of their pedagogy and practice.

It's a way to discover what your colleagues are up to. To connect with teachers who share your interests. And to craft an online identity that you (and those around you) can be proud of.

Why we're building Staffrm

We (the founding team) are educators. Our world is full of passionate and talented people. Everyday, we are inspired by the stories of their careers. Of their drive to become better practitioners. To make their learners more successful, resilient and independent.

And yet the vast majority of these stories reach so few. This needs to change.

How to get involved

We need teachers who are up for sharing their practice with the world. Teachers who are okay about using their real names. Teachers who will contribute positively to the conversation.

In return, we'll provide you with an audience for your stories. A community of like-minded professionals. And a beautifully simple writing experience so you focus on your ideas, with results that look great every time, on any device.

Staffrm uses an invite system to grow the community with integrity. If you're the kind of teacher who likes to share, then it won't be long before an invite finds its way to your inbox.

In the meantime, tap the mug at the top, read and enjoy :)

Peps, Jeremy, Emma & Martin