Your questions answered

Here are some answers to common questions about Staffrm. If you have any that aren't here just drop us an email hello[at]staffrm.io or tweet @Staffrm - we'll try our best to help.

Do I have to be a teacher to join Staffrm?

Staffrm is a community for any professional who has an interest in teaching or learning. People like administrators, trainers, coaches, consultants, writers, tutors etc. You must be 16 or over to join.

How do I write a story?

Find and hit the little 'pencil' button in the top-right hand corner of the screen. Here are some ideas for your first Staffrm story.

How do I add a sub-title, quote, link or image in my story?

Check out this brief guide to writing on Staffrm.

Can I edit a story after I've published it?

Yes, you can edit or even delete a story whenever you wish. Just head to your story and press the little 'pencil' icon in the top right-hand corner.

Can I share a draft story with one of my friends?

Yes, just copy the story URL (the weblink) and send it to whoever you like for feedback. The rest of the world won't see it unless you hit the 'Publish' button.

Can I use an image I find on the internet for my story?

It depends whether on the copyright status of the image. If in doubt don't use it. At Staffrm, the best stories use images taken by the writer anyway. That's you. However, if you do still want to use a third-party image then check out:

Open Photo 

Flickr: Creative Com... 

Creative Commons Sea... 

Can I repost a post from my blog?

Yes, we welcome reposting of content. The more the merrier.

Can I post images of my students?

The same rules apply here as with any other kind of publishing. You need to make sure you have the appropriate permissions and are following your school policy. We take our safeguarding responsibility seriously - if you are in any doubt, don't publish.

Why has my story or comment been removed?

Usually because the author has asked us to remove it. In a small number of situations, because it violated our Community Guidelines. If your content has been removed and you're not sure why, drop us an email and we'll have a look into it for you.

Why does Staffrm not work for me?

Staffrm has been designed to work on most modern browsers. And so you might experience issues if you are on a particularly old or usual machine. Visit Browse Happy to upgrade your browser. This should fix things, but if not, let us know and we'll see what we can do.

How is Staffrm funded?

Staffrm is a social enterprise. We exist to serve the needs of the modern teacher. It will always be free for teachers, and for now, we're funding it ourselves. You can support us by spreading the word :)