The line up for Sunday's Digital TeachMeet

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The line up

1930  Stephen Lockyer  PRENOTE

1940  Dave Stacey  The ultimate checklist for a perfect lesson

1950  Rachel Jones  Making teaching better for those who count

2000  Julie Hunter  Thinking of your teacher self as a brand

2010  Carl Hendrick  In outstanding schools, teachers don't work twice as hard as kids

2020  Liane PL  Using Professional Learning Communities to support practitioner inquiry

2030  David Rogers  What's your personal teaching manifesto?

2040  Zebedee Friedman  How I'm using actors to boost my GCSE results

2050  Jon Brunskill  POSTPONED

2100  Flora RH Richards  Supporting the language of equality in classrooms

2110  Rory Gallagher  A new plan for CPD?

2120  Mark Anderson  PLENARY

In the audience

Lisa Pettifer // Peps Mccrea // Jennifer Hart // Jeremy Burton // Leon Cych // Toby French // Emma Mccrea // Candida Gould // Jo Baker // Fiona Thomas // Claire Bracher // Rachael Kendall // Andrea Jenkins // Tom Robinson // Alex Bellars //Jenna Lucas // Heidi Singleton // James Hannam // Loraine Blackadder // Louise Stone // Lynne Winstone // Nicky Bonnes // Kelly McDonagh // Andy Knill // Liz Allton // Kate Lea // Katharine Erwin // Julie Mason // Leah Sharpe // Jo Neale // Aled Griffiths // Ben Ranson // Linda Doyle // David Davies // Tarjinder Gill // Ruth Powley // Richard Canning // Sam Williams // Neil Arthur // Julian S. Wood // Alison Weston // Debra leigh // Hannah Tyreman // Matthew Walters // Kate Ward // Jill Berry // Claire Hodgson // James Mannion // Laura Parsons // Kim Constable // Allison Stewart // Richard Blaize // Mark Steven // Rebecca Kirkby // Lesley Munro // Annie Black // Ben Ward // Eve Reynolds // Jane Basnett //John Insley // Ben Sutcliffe // Marie Goodwyn // Keith Hoo // Li Whybrow // Noor Alansari // M Nesbitt // Atyia Ejaz // Stephanie Standing // Danny Annaly // Simon Johnson // Add your name

The lowdown

On the evening of the Sunday 22 March, we're hosting our first Digital TeachMeet. Much like a normal TeachMeet, it's about bringing educators together to share and discuss ideas about teaching and learning. The big difference is that you'll be able to participate from the comfort of your home, with a glass of your favourite wine in hand.

At the times allocated, presenters will publish a 500-word story (Staffrm lingo for 'post'). You'll then have 10 minutes to read and discuss (on Staffrm, Twitter or wherever) before the next story is published. Hashtag for the event: #digimeet

Any problems, questions or suggestions: fire us an email">