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How to find scientific programs on Instagram TV

Just when you thought that this engaging social media app had nothing left to surprise with, Instagram released IGTV – an impressive, standalone video-sharing app that features only high-quality programs and premium content.

Most broadcasting companies have already entered Instagram TV mostly because it works similarly to traditional television, but also because it offers a new way of reaching the new generation of video consumers who have long ditched television in favor of internet broadcasts.

If you are wondering how to find scientific programs on Instagram TV, you have come to the right place. Here is how to do it!


This method is the simplest way of viewing highly-engaging, scientific content on IGTV. All you need to do is log in to your Instagram TV account and search for popular science-based programs. Here are a few names to get you started:

  • National Geographic
  • Discovery Channel
  • NASA
  • The History Channel

These are just a few of the big names that offer eye-catching, scientific content on IGTV. You can browse their channels for hours and still not discover what boredom is. The great part about Instagram TV is that besides the fact that you can watch enchanting documentaries, you can also comment on them with other users as part of a global community.


Television is one of the biggest inventions of the first half of the 20th century. However, its popularity is quickly vanishing in the face of more recent innovations like the internet and mobile technology.

Most television companies are well aware that their time is nearing the end, so they have joined different apps to appeal to younger generations. One of them is Instagram TV, which offers the ideal platform for broadcasting video content that was previously available only on television.

If you are looking for some interesting scientific programs on IGTV, you can safely search for them on the channels of big TV broadcasters such as:

  • BBC
  • NBC
  • Al-Jazeera
  • CBS
  • Fox News

Contrary to traditional television where you could only share your views on a program with the people present in your room, Instagram TV enables you to leave comments on the pages of the channels that broadcast it. This way, you can engage with the creators of the show and tell them your opinion about how they can improve it.

Social media experts like InstaGrowing consider IGTV to be one of the most important app releases in recent years. They consider that it increases user engagement rate and offers a reliable communication platform for both broadcasters and followers to come together and combine their ideas to create even better video content.


You don’t necessarily have to watch a classic, science-based channel if you want to view scientific programs on Instagram TV. You can easily do so by visiting entertainment channels, such as:

  • Netflix
  • MTV
  • Buzzfeed
  • The Food Network

These channels often post interesting documentaries, short videos and even user-generated clips that will surprise you. They are the perfect choice for users who want to learn something new about different sciences without having to go through an entire, academic lecture.

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